Health Connect 24×7

Getting sick is an inconvenience, but having access to quality care shouldn’t be.

Get 24x7 access to quality care from anywhere in the world, whether at your home, office, on a business trip or vacation through our bi-directional, integrated and interactive mobile application which gives you immediate access to our highly trained and experienced doctors and wellness experts who will assist you with your medical and wellness needs.

Cutting edge, innovative technology

Health Connect 24x7’s bi-directional integrated mobile application is a one-stop shop to access our services.

  • Contact doctor 24x7 (voice/ video calls).
  • Get customized meal and exercise plans.
  • Search for nearby healthcare providers.
  • Keep track of your medical & wellness appointments.
  • Keep track of your vital signs with integrated smart devices.
  • Set up medication & doctor’s appointment reminders.
  • Receive messages and notifications (consultation summary, medication delivery updates and more).
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