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Visiting the doctor’s office has become a burden and an inconvenience. In fact, most people try to self-diagnose and self-treat rather than take a trip to the doctor’s office. Why?

  • Long waiting hours
  • Whopping co-payments and hospital bills
  • Unnecessary tests and medications
  • Rushed visits

With TruDoc 24x7

You have access to honest, reliable, convenient and cost-effective care – all at the click of a button! Our doctors will give you honest medical advice based on Evidence Based Medicine. We will tell you the truth about what you need, not what you can afford.

" Glad I called TruDoc 24x7– it prevented me from self-medicating and perhaps taking the wrong meds! All I needed was cough syrup to get me better! "

TruDoc 24x7 Member


Are your employees your greatest asset?

Our 24x7 virtual and on-site Corporate Health and Wellness Program can help you keep your employees healthy and productive. Best of all, our program can help you reduce healthcare costs.

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  • Benefits for Employers
  • Cut costs using our savings program
  • Retain table of benefits for employees
  • Control overutilization and protect employees and their families
  • Reduce sick leave and absenteeism
  • Eliminate further annual increases in insurance premiums
  • Keep your employees healthy and productive
  • Control medical loss ratios
  • Increase employee satisfaction and retention

800 632 47

Call us for more information.

Sunday – Saturday

24 hours

Benefits for Individuals

  •  24x7 access to highly trained, licensed doctors and wellness experts
  •  Advice and support for healthy, acute and chronic
  •  4 languages: English, Arabic, Hindi & Urdu
  • Customized wellness programs with meal and exercise plans
  •   Repeat prescriptions, appointment booking, and medication delivery.


A true healthcare solution

How It Works

With TruDoc 24x7, you have access to quality, convenient and quick care starting from the moment you access our physician helpline (via our interactive mobile application called TruDoc 24x7 or toll-free number 800 63247) to the point of recovery.

  • Download our mobile application, available on Google Play and App Store – set up your account
  • Call TruDoc 24x7, anytime, from anywhere in the world for honest medical and wellness advice on your condition
  • Get a referral, doctor’s appointment or medication delivered to your doorstep
  • Receive a follow-up call. We offer our members continuous support by following up until the point of recovery

Want to know more?

Contact us for more information or for a demonstration of our innovative and one-of-a-kind healthcare solution.

“Glad I called TruDoc 24x7– it prevented me from self-medicating and perhaps taking the wrong meds! All I needed was cough syrup to get me better!”

TruDoc 24x7 Member


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